02 April 2017

VIIth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

The VIIth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has recently concluded and although the winners are yet to be announced, it was quite a contest with 96 painters competing.

STOP PRESS......... The winners have indeed been announced!

I have competed in all 7 contests and although my contribution was the the smallest to date, I still made my personal target of 400 points. Curt yet again did a wonderful job and this online event just keeps growing and growing. My contributions were quite varied and this year, I not only painted some 6mm figures for the first time but they are fantasy gaming. I also added to my 1/72 WWII, SAGA, FIW as well as getting my Congo project off the ground. 

Hanomags from Plastic Soldier Company
Revenants from Gripping Beast
Moorish Archers from Footsore Miniatures
 Voltaire from Eureka Miniatures (Curtgeld)
 French Indian War from AW Miniatures
Viking Warlord
 Missionaries from AW Miniatures
 Figures for Congo from Wargames Foundry
The start of a Blood Angels force for Epic Horus Heresy


  1. Some top painting John. I do like the Voltaire figure. I needs me one of those!!!

  2. Great work on all of those. I like that you had a little bit of a lot of things.

  3. Quite an eclectic assortment, all very nicely done!

  4. Great work John - particularly impressed with that Epic stuff :)